Become a Forex Trader

So you want to become a Forex Trader. Why? Because you want to become an overnight success, buy your […]

Learn to Trade Forex

The idea of trading Forex is pretty daunting for some. It’s an attractive venture to get in to, but […]

What Are Forex Rates?

In Forex, rates is the nickname for exchange rates. As you know, the word exchange means to give in […]

One-Leg Forex Arbitrage

Experienced Forex traders have probably noticed that there is occasionally a slight discrepancy between the quotes for a given […]

The Class of Forex Brokers

The world of currency trading is an exciting and challenging one. Trading on the Forex is sort of like […]

How to Choose a Forex Signal Service?

One of the most popular ways of trading is by following “signals”. If you’ve ever heard the term “Forex Signals” but wanted to know more about its pros and cons, and whether it is suitable for you or not, this article is for you. What is a signal service? A Signal Service provides alerts on trading opportunities. For example, a professional trader sits at his desk, trading his account (or his company or hedge fund account). Whenever the trader enters the market, he also sends an alert […]

Building With Forex Signals

When you build a financial portfolio, you want all the best tools at hand for the building. You want to be able to hammer home a profit in the least amount of time as possible, because the longer you take building one part of your financial portfolio, the longer it’ll take you to build the rest. Any shortcut you can take to build your portfolio will reap you many dividends down the road. Forex signals are one such shortcut. Forex signals are the hammer that help you […]

How to Get the Best Forex Signals

If you don’t want to be chained to your computer watching and analyzing the market, trying to decipher when is the best time to buy or sell, you might want to consider using a professional signal trading company. This is a group of people who keep an eye on the market for you and will let you know via a signal when it’s time to act. This way, you get to have a life away from the computer. What exactly is a signal? A signal is an […]

Forex Signals and Mentoring

Finding a Reliable Forex Trading Platform

A platform in web speak is a program designed to provide the ability for you to engage in Forex trading online. Basically, someone creates a program or software that enables you to come along and use that program or software as a tool to build a Forex business. Think of a Forex platform as the diving board that launches you into the pool of success. But like all good things, the Internet is filled with huckster offers, so you need to make sure you know how to […]

Your Forex Trading Platform

If you want to make currency trades on the Forex and you want to do it from home, then you need a platform. The Forex trading platform you use is software that you must have in order to make trades on the Forex. You can find the Forex trading platform you need online or you can find it by using a broker. You can’t make a Forex trade without using something that closes the gap between you and the Forex. A Forex trading platform is how you […]

The Forex Platform for You

A Forex platform is referring to software that allows the investor to make qualified decisions about trading. The Forex platform an investor chooses is what lets him perform the trade. Included in the Forex platform an investor chooses are the parts he’ll need to qualify his trading position. The software should include charts as well as other tools of the Forex trade. There is the right Forex platform available for you, but it’s not going to jump up and wave hands to get your attention. You won’t […]